Sunday, January 3, 2016

Magazine Ads

Magazine Advertising

First Ad

#80 October 1998

  • Le Mans 1998
  • 1968 911L Targa Polizei
  • Le Mans 911S-T
  • 356 Restoration Part 3
  • 944 Sunroofs and Hatches

Car Dealer Advertising

Advertise for car dealers, show what you have to offer your customers.

Advertise on Facebook, Worth it?

Ads on Facebook are unique. They're shown to specific groups of highly engaged people on desktop and mobile. When your ads have great creative content and are well targeted, they get more likes, comments and shares. When someone takes any of these actions, their friends may see your ad, making it more powerful. When you boost your Page posts or expand the audience for your ads, more people will see them when they visit Facebook.


As commerce continues to “go global,” companies that do not have an easily found, accessible website – the cornerstone of web marketing – are missing out on the rest of the world that does not live in the same town or has never heard of their reputation.

Advertising with no text

An Italian piece of art. Some may think it is a car. But to enthusiasts, it is beautiful. Product, nothing more is needed.

Take the time to forecast, plan, and budget.

Planning may be more effective away from your usual working space.
Try a coffee shop, the beach or simply moving from your desk to your dining room table. The goal is to not feel like you are ‘working’. This experience should be fun and exciting. You also want to set aside some time for the planning process.

Why Twitter?

Twitter’s most basic function is still its best. It gives you the ability to connect with almost anyone in the world. Imagine the ability to connect with one of the 280 million users who uses it on a monthly basis.
That instant contact is what makes Twitter the perfect fit for businesses. Businesses can see and respond to any tweet in real time.
In fact, according to Twitter, 9 out of 10 users have had a conversation with, or about, small and medium-sized businesses. That’s not all, 60 percent of users who follow small businesses on Twitter have purchased something because of Twitter.
According to Visually:
  • 74 percent of people who follow small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) follow to get updates on future products.
  • 47 percent of people who follow brands are more likely to visit the company’s website.
  • 84 percent of people who follow and interact with SMEs mention an SMB to share a positive experience
  • 85 percent of users feels more connected to an SMB after following them
Twitter is (still) just so powerful.

Market what you have to sell

Do you find self-promotion embarrassing?
Does it feel like you're bragging? 
Not all business people are comfortable telling others how fantastic their product or service is. Here are 7 methods you can use to market yourself and your business without bragging.
1. Writing articles - Putting your expertise in writing and sharing it with publications your audience reads is a powerful -- and very professional -- way to let more people know about your unique talents. Submit your articles to both print publications and web sites that serve your niche and watch your visibility grow.
2. Public speaking - Appearing as a speaker allows you to broadcast your expertise with three different audiences -- the people who attend your talk, the people who are invited by the sponsoring organization but can't attend, and the people you tell about it before and after. If standing in front of a room makes you too nervous, serve on a panel of experts instead. You'll get to sit behind a table and speak from notes.

3. Media interviews - Being interviewed by magazines, newspapers, or on radio and television can spread the word quickly about your capabilities. Landing interviews is not that hard to do if you remember to start small. Begin by approaching easy targets like association newsletters, neighborhood newspapers, and local cable programs or talk radio.

Branding Your Business!!

So what goes into building your brand? Here's a look:
  • Graphics In order for people to find you, is the way you want your business to look. Either you want to look plain, or we can make you look top notch.
  • Consistency in advertising. Decide what you can do for your customers that your
    competitors can't and hammer away at those points in every ad. Create a "sell line" that defines your company in a nutshell and use it.
  • Customer service. Only employ people who can get on board with your brand, and make sure that each person understands his or her part in building it. Once a customer is ignored at the counter or treated poorly on the phone or on the sales floor, you've lost not only that person but everyone else that hears about the unfortunate experience. Remember that word-of-mouth can help, but it can also hurt. Get rid of employees who won't cooperate--even if they're related to you!
  • Public relations. Keep promises you make. See that your customers aren't disappointed with what they find once your advertising gets them through the door. Make it easy for them to make purchases and returns. They should leave smiling. If you tell your local Little League team that you'll provide team T-shirts, follow through. If you commit to a joint venture with another business, school or a group of any kind, keep up your end of the deal. Pay your invoices on time. Be a good citizen. Get involved with community projects where your business can do something positive (and maybe get some free press).
  • Your willingness to use the internet. A company with no web presence is archaic. Even if you're only interested in local sales right now, your customers are on the web, and they'll want to see you there, too. Get it done now.
Be vigilant. Every contact with the public will either serve to build your brand or dismantle it, and administering damage control can seem like managing a convoluted maze of tumbling dominos when something happens to threaten the public's perception of your business. If you want a second opinion, ask Firestone.

Restaurant....How to be Successful

Vibrato......A fine restaurant from the famous Grammy Winning Music Icon Herb Albert. A famous name may have a successful business. Expensive but worth it.
One of LA's most exciting restaurants, Vibrato Grill, Jazz, etc. is also the city's premiere jazz space. Its warm and elegant interior embraces guests with stunning visuals, world-class music and sound design, and the absolute best in contemporary American cuisine. Conceived by nine time Grammy winning music icon Herb Alpert, Vibrato brings these elements together in sumptuous harmony for an experience that's a delight to all the senses.
Branding his name just shows how to be a successful business.

Experience working with a famous Italian Restaurant in the Beverly Glen, Fabrocini Beverly Glen where Vibrato is located. Shows how you can still succeed without the famous name. Good Food, Marketing, also great tasting plates. To get your name out there through marketing. Shows how it works to be successful.